Gudrun Borghildur

Let's decrease CO2 emissions for the sake of our planet

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Gerum þetta SAMAN
Guðrún Borghildur lúffur mittens
Leðursvuntur leather aprons
silk scarves upcycled Silkislæður
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Gudrun Borghildur designs aprons and mittens, among others, using raw materials that have led a life before. She uses for the most part organic materials such as leather jackets and furniture, silk and wool clothing, and canvas tents of the older generation. These are all items that were on their way to be recycled, but can nevertheless serve Gudrun’s purpose. She reuses and upcycles because for her a small carbon footprint is essential.

Snúrusnilld hleðslusnúrur heyrnartól
Snúrusnilld hleðslusnúrur heyrnartól

The newest item: A bowl for the small things

And a computer bag, from a red sofa.